Star Wars: The Old Republic with Eric Linden, Philip J Silvera and Action Factory

Eric Linden, Philip J Silvera and Action Factory have officially become part of the Star Wars Universe in this new trailer for The Old Republic.

The oldest memories I have of any movie I have watched is definitely Star Wars. It was always a life long dream to be part of Star Wars in any way shape or form… And certainly a huge influence on me wanting to become part of the movie business.

The Action Factory Motion Capture Team lead by Philip J Silvera, worked with Blur Studios on creating the epic lightsaber action sequence seen in this trailer. I am not one single character in this trailer, nor is any of the people that worked on it. We all play the different parts that we were good at, I did get to wield a lightsaber in a couple parts…. but cannot take all the credit for all this bad assery. Rumor has it, there is a Behind the Scenes video coming soon and that should break down more of who did what. That being said, I am extremely proud of what we were able to create and grateful to finally be part of Star Wars in some small way… Only wish my team could travel back in time and make the Prequels not horrible 😀

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