Longest Body Burn in the World!!

This has been a long time coming… Action Factory is the stunt company that I am a part of and last night we made history. Jayson Dumenigo is the member that made the AF fire gel. To prove just how good our product is, the goal was to break the world record for the longest body burn. I was not the one on fire this time, but part of the fire team that made this happen. Here is what AF had to say about the burn:

“We say that we sell the best fire gear on the market and last night we proved it… During a TEST last night in Santa Clarita, CA, Jayson Dumenigo broke the world record by burning continuously and fully engulfed with no oxygen for 5 min and 26 sec. Under Guinness guidelines and using standard fuel. An article will be in Wed. addition of ” The Signal”… Thank you to everyone that came out to the event!!”

There will be more to come soon and I will post a video once it is available. AF will be submitting this to Guinness Book of World Records, that is a lengthy process however so stay tuned 🙂

Big thanks to Nico / Sam / Sherwin and everyone that came out to the event!!




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