Freddiew, Eric Linden and Action Factory Blowing $H!T Up on YouTube

Eric Linden and Action Factory had the opportunity to team up with Freddiew King of YouTube… And what you get is a action packed Metal Gear Solid themed “Claymores” from director Freddie Wong.

I was first introduced to the legend of Freddiew from reading, master of all things geek. So I have been watching this guy for quite some time and really became a super fan!! Just loved what Freddiew was able to accomplish with little to no budget and a limitless amount of creativity. After contacting Freddiew, talking about some of the Action Factory toys, the meeting was set. From that meeting came the video “Fire Hands”, which was really a spur of the moment guerrilla style filming.

Not long after that, Action Factory brought its trailer of stunt goodies to the Freddiew compound and got down to business!! If you are trying to pick me out I can be seen (first explosion flying thru air / getting shot in head / going over railing).

Now reaching upwards of 2 million hits in just under 4 days, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you … Claymores

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