Eric Linden in 300: Rise of an Empire


Hey everyone, Eric Linden here… 300: Rise of an Empire has finally come out!!
The majority of the stunt team and I went to go check it out on opening night, what a fun night with a bunch of my brothers! We spent 6 months in Sofia, Bulgaria training and filming this movie. What a epic adventure it was!!
I am constantly asked, where can I see you in the film? Well the answer to that isn’t quite so easy, but there are a few spots that will be obvious, although potentially hard to spot due to the quick cuts and fast paced action of the film. I will do my best to break it down. SPOILERS!
– First up, almost right out the gate, within the first 5 minutes of the film I can be seen. During the Battle of Marathon, many have seen this in the trailer, but I crest over the hill with an army of guys. I am to the right of Themistocles, which would be Themistocles left side.
– As the battle rages forward and everyone clashes… there is just me front in center, doing an epic chop downward… The picture above is a still from the shot that is in the film. That shot has also been used in some of the trailers from the film. I absolutely love that shot, I am so truly lucky that they used it. You see this wasn’t even a set up shot. There were multiple cameras running along side of a lot of guys and I would run down and slice my buddies leg that sent him into the air and crashing down, then would swipe downward right onto his chest and then stand up and look for my next target and run out. There were a good 40 guys all doing this through out the battlefield. I actually did this exact move for probably 4 takes. All with no idea if there was a camera on me or not. I am truly stoked and grateful that it made it in the movie.
– Then just a few quick cuts later, blink and you will miss it. I drive a guy into the mud with a dagger into his chest, then quickly pull it out and slash open his neck with one gnarly swipe! This was a set up shot… they decided to add some inserts, so I actually shot that piece probably 2 months after we had shot the Marathon Battle. Keep in mind this is just a shot of my back basically, but yes that is me.
– Also, I am in the background constantly in that battle… however some days I was playing a bad guy, some days I was a Greek… and until the Blu-Ray comes out, I have no idea if I can be seen, or if I just part of the raging background that does look super dope btw.
– When Eva Green brings the Greek to her throne on her ship, they have a quick conversation… he says the wrong thing and she cuts his damn head off!! Well, I doubled that guy for his fall. There is a quick shot looking upward, “his” body falls into the frame, missing a head as blood pours out and fills up the screen. That would be my body. There is a repeating theme of not being able to see my face, haha. I assure you this is all true though.
– I am one of the Proto-Samurai that throws the commander that has failed Eva Green off the front of the ship, with weights attached do his hands. Yes, not very glorious, but there you go, I was in the suit for a bit…. zing!
– Those are the main moments that should be easy to catch. There are many random times I saw myself, all which would be much too hard to pick out. Example is in picture below, during the ship battles there I am in between two of my bros shooting arrows at the Persians. With a helmet on and hiding behind a shield, tough to make a obvious oh there he is! If it was happening on a boat, trust me I am out there doing battle some where 🙂


– Lastly, do they just paint on everyones abs?!?! That is a negative… They do “highlight” with body paint, what is already there. Most of that has to do with what they do to the film in post and the high contrast, so that you show up at all, if you know what I mean… I was training and on a diet for 6 months. I don’t really think I feel like typing the specifics, but I trained very hard. I got down really low and it gets to a point, you have a couple weeks left and you start to regulate to stay healthy and deal with the long days. So I can say I was definitely “Fatter” at the end of the shoot, than I was in the middle. Either way, felt good about it… Here is a shot of me at what I would say is my leanest.


Well there you have it… It was wonderful being part of the film. The stunt team was amazing and I learned so much. Huge shout out to my Bulgarian brothers that I went to war with!! Zdrasti!!

As always, if there any questions, hit me in the comments section, I always answer back 🙂









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