Eric Linden Gets Dominated in Freddiew’s inFamous: Second Son Short

Action Factory and Rocket Jump (Freddie Wong’s outfit) go together like rice and beans when it comes to YouTube excellence. Their latest collaboration features music and Delsin’s super powers from Sucker Punch’s upcoming inFamous: Second Son, and an arcade brawl for the ages.

Freddie and his gang of fellow Rocket Jumpers get hassled by the Fun Police played by Action Factory’s Eric Linden, with the help of Tait Fletcher and Caitlin Dechelle. These no nonsense individuals lay a proper beat down on Wong until his fateful fall into an inFamous: Second Son arcade machine. After that, the game changes as Wong calls on the powers of electricity, smoke, and fire to turn the tide. Let’s just say things don’t end well for the Fun Police.

If you like what you saw, make sure to check out the freddiew and Action Factory tags below to check out a few more of their excellent VFX/Stunt fight collaborations.

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