Corridor Digital Gives You Shock Troopers with Eric Linden and the Action Factory Team

Corridor Digital brings you “Shock Troopers” with the help of Eric Linden and the Action Factory Team!! I’ve been talking with Sam and Niko for quite some time, I’ve been a big fan of the vids they put out… Talking through different ideas,┬áhoping at some point they would find the right project to get the most out of what Action Factory has to offer. Well that day has come ­čÖé

My job as the Stunt Coordinator is to listen to their concept and then talk about how we can maximize that idea and how to accomplish it. Man this was a freaking sweet three days of kicking all kinds of butt and having a blast doing it… High flying wire work, air rams, rachets and a fire burn. I love that they wanted to push the limits of what should be possible on YouTube and allow me to run wild with the stunts to make that happen.

Can’t wait to work with these wizards of internet video again!

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing it….

Corridor Digital and Action Factory mash up gives you Shock Troopers!!


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